The Five Branches

Awakening Vajra’s goal is to develop a supportive and conducive environment where students can study the five branches of learning. It is the hope and vision of H. E. Choden Rinpoche and his spiritual heir, Geshe Gyalten, to cultivate dedicated practitioners, teachers, philosophers, meditators, social workers, doctors, healers, and astrologers on their path to awakening. It is through these programs, and other offerings at Awakening Vajra, that the ancient tradition of Nalanda will prosper in the 21st century.

The Five Branches:

  • Buddhism

    At the heart of Buddhism are Compassion and Wisdom understanding reality. Students, under the guidance of qualified instructors, will have an opportunity to strive towards these qualities by learning, contemplating and meditating on the Buddhist Philosophy, Mind Training and Tantrayana teachings.

  • Medical Healing

    Students will learn how to heal themselves and others by studying and practicing Buddhist psychology, Tibetan medicine, Chinese acupuncture, yoga and massage. The basis of all healing, in this tradition, is compassion and wisdom.

  • Linguistics

    This includes studies of Sanskrit, Tibetan, English and other Asian Languages. The goal is to support students to become qualified translators in order to offer translations for all the teachings of the Buddha-dharma.

  • Astrology

    The courses, offered under this heading include: Tibetan, Indian and Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and other adjunct courses.

  • Art/Crafts and Sculpture

    Under this rubric students will have the opportunity to hone their creative-spiritual skills with drawing, painting, sculpture and crafts.