H.E. Rinpoche and Geshe Gyalten

About Awakening Vajra

Awakening Vajra (AV) is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2010 by Venerable Geshe Gyalten, spiritual heir to H. E. Choden Rinpoche. The main emphasis of Awakening Vajra is to preserve and propagate the Buddhadharma throughout the world. The mission of Awakening Vajra is to preserve and spread the precious teachings of H. E. Choden Rinpoche.

AV assists Geshe Gyalten, current spiritual director of AV, in providing extensive Buddhist teachings throughout the world, raises monies for many special ongoing spiritual projects, and strives to fulfill the dream of H. E. Choden Rinpoche to reintroduce and invigorate the Five Branches of study from the ancient Nalanda spiritual tradition through a modern course of study.